Oda do nauczyciela

Dziś, pozytywnie.
Znalazłam w internecie tekst Michaela Moore z roku 2002.
Jest tak piękny, że chce się nim podzielić.
Ode to teachers
Teachers, thankyou so mach for devoting your life to my child.
Is there ANYTHING you need? I am here for you
Why? Because you are helping my child – my baby – learn and grow.
Not only you will you be largely responsible for her ability to make a living, but your influence will greatly affect how she views the world, what she knows about other people in this world, and how she will feel about herself.
I want her to believe she can attempt anything – that no doors are closed and that no dreams are too distant.
I am entrusting the most valuable person in my life to you for seven hours each day. You, are therefore, one of the most important people in my life.
Michael Moore, 2002
American author, film and television producer

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